The Marsvin ‘Petit Cochon’

  • Our sailboat the Marsvin (= Harbour porpoise) Petit Cochon is one of only a handful Marsvin in Denmark, and after mature consideration, we are disembarking this fine little ship to size up to the Grinde and have recently sold the Marsvin to a new enthusiastic owner, who will take her to new horizons in Austria and beyond.
Petit Cochon med Valdemars Slot i baggrunden

Petit Cochon with Valdemars Castle in the background

The boat is in a good general condition and has gradually been refurbished and updated over the past 5 years of ownership. Following a major repair of the sandwich construction in the coachroof and the removal of 4 foresail sheet rails and a traveller in the cockpit, it is today super simply clothed with just a mainsail, jib and spinnaker and a hreat spcaious cockpit. It sails on the sheer breath of wind, and it remains safe and stable under all conditions. Despite it’s reputation of being a rather lively racing boat, it is truly harmonious and calm, when it is sailed as it was conceived.

We have sailed as a cruising yacht for two people the past six years and enjoy the cosy spacious and functional accomodation down below. An ocean of space for two and standing height aft in the cabin opening with the new sprayhood, which also serves as comfortable seating in rain and cold. The boats gear also include a cockpit tent, tiller pilot and all necessary cruising equipment. A list is supplied at your request.

The outboard is an old Yamaha 5 HP, which is ugly but reliable. There is an external fuel tank with ample range, if you must use it.

You can see the boat in numerous little videos on the TV channel of Grindeklubben on Youtube.

The boat has been thoroughly described in the book ‘With a Circle in Mind’ published earlier this year.

Representative pictures of ‘Petit Cochon’


NB! New cabin retro style linings in wool felt. Mounted on wooden fibre boards, which have not yet been fastened to the cabin sides! Cabin sides are insulated with painted cork.


The cockpit table is a marine plywood ‘plank’ across the cockpit. Light weight and easily stowed.


Sprayhood makes comfortable seating for two in the cold and wet and is fully detachable when not needed.


A regular little “space ship” Forcastle berths are full length and very wide. Aft bunks are 3,30 metres long!


Galley to port and pantry sink to starboard.

IMG_2595_2 IMG_6222 IMG_6230 PetitCochonIMG_4387 kopi 2

Check out the old brochures depicting the supreme modern double ended yacht the ‘Marsvin:’

Brochure 1: Marsvin brochure1-255-A4P Marsvin brochure1-263S2PA4Marsvin brochure1-S3PA4_MarsvinHPIM2457 copy

Brochure 2: Marsvin brochure2 (big)

Brochure 3: Marsvinebrochure3-A4 (big)

Tegning: Marsvin-tegning-Duo-A4P

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